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Ep 25. The dramatic transformation of where we live & why

by The Great Australian Dream with Rob Doorey | In episode 25 of The Great Australian Dream Podcast we investigate the dramatic transformation of where we live & why. Joining us to shed some light on the trends and movements is Social Researcher & Demographer Mark McCrindle Mark is a social analyst with an international following. His passions lie in tracking emerging issues, researching social trends and analysing customer segments. Mark is an advisor to executive boards and committees across Australia. As a sought-after demographer, futurist and social commentator, he’s delivered over 100 keynotes in the last year. This is an episode not to be missed.

Ep 24. The Australian Property Market in review - March 2021

by The Great Australian Dream with Rob Doorey | Can't believe another month has passed, so we welcome back the Head of Australian Research at Core Logic Australia Eliza Owen to have a look at the property market's performance through March. If you want to be kept in the property loop, it's a must listen.

Ep 23. The use of colour in your home, what’s on trend right now

by The Great Australian Dream with Rob Doorey | Ever wondered what colours to paint your home - can you add too much colour, what are the rules and what’s on trend...I’m Rob Doorey and joining me on the Great Australian Dream Podcast this week is Taubmans Colour Expert Rachel Lacy...yes a colour expert….and we will pick Rachel's brains for all the answers.

Forever and a day we have spoken of the “Great Australian Dream”… owning our own home.

Over the years many Mum and Dad investors have gone a step further and added a rental property to their portfolio. Others multiple properties, building a portfolio that may even include commercial property, parking spaces, holiday rentals and more. Property has become one, if not the most talked about subject by Australians, some might say we’re obsessed.

From television renovation, garden and dream home shows to reality television and the latest finance reports via our various news services, we are always on the lookout for the next trend or latest hot spot.

“The Great Australian Dream” aims to answer or at least speak to the experts on as many of these subjects as humanly possible.

About us

Presented by Rob Doorey, a 30 year veteran of commercial radio, a successful real estate auctioneer and a bloke with an insatiable appetite for the real estate industry.

…yes he too is obsessed…this podcast aims to dig deep on current property issues and embrace the fascination and curiosity that is ‘The Great Australian Dream”.

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